Critical Thinking for JWs: 1918 Temple Inspection

Is the Watchtower really God’s Organization (TM)? In this installment of “Critical Thinking for JWs” we take a look at the Watchtower’s own prophetic criteria for that proposition and see how it stacks up in the light of historical investigation.

“Fundamental Truths” Response: The Soul

Soul Train - Dancers

What does the WMSCOG have to say about the soul? For a church that claims to be rooted doctrinally in the Bible, is what it teaches on something as basic as the soul… biblical? Read on to see how the WMSCOG’s teachings compare with an orthodox understanding of the Bible.

God the Mother?

God the Mother?

Who? What? Huh? Read about my first introduction to the WMSCOG cult and its peculiar doctrine on the feminine nature of God…