Questions from Readers: “Jehovah” in the New Testament

Watchtower Parody

What is the Watchtower’s basis for using “Jehovah” 237 times in the New Testament? Is there a good case to be made. Read my response to an article on

Questions From Readers: Hate Mail

Watchtower Parody

I’m finally famous enough to receive hate mail from someone who just knows I “will die at Armageddon.” Nonetheless they do raise a number of interesting questions. Read on for the full message and my response.

Critical Thinking for JWs: 1918 Temple Inspection

Is the Watchtower really God’s Organization (TM)? In this installment of “Critical Thinking for JWs” we take a look at the Watchtower’s own prophetic criteria for that proposition and see how it stacks up in the light of historical investigation.

Critical Thinking for JWs: 1914

What is the biblical basis for asserting that Jesus Christ returned in 1914? Is there any? In this installment of “Critical Thinking for JWs” we examine the Watchtower’s claims pertaining to this “significant” date and weigh them against sound reason and what the Bible actually has to say.

Pleiades Wars: Attack of the Clones

Read an online log of a conversation between myself and a professed JW on the topic of resurrection, recreation, and life after death. See how a typical JW thinks (or doesn’t think) on these matters as he struggles with his own cognitive dissonance and circular reasoning.