Yahvo, the MYSTerious Maker

D'ni Aegura

Ever heard of Myst? How about Myst Online: Uru Live? Read my review of this wonderful online game that could be of special interest to young Christians.

Jehovah’s Witnesses & Revelation 5:10

Revelation 5:10 from the Kingdom Interlinear Translation

Check out excerpts of direct scans from the Watchtower’s own literature demonstrating how Revelation 5:10 is mistranslated to obscure the fact that the “priests and kings” that rule in Revelation do so UPON the Earth (as opposed to the Pleiades star cluster).

Same Difference…

Conflation of terminology is common error amongst cultists and celebrities alike. This little essay examines how words are used and abused in our society to distort fundamental truths and create confusion in discourse and debate.

Meeting with the Missionaries

Listen to an unedited secretly recorded discussion in my living room with a couple of WMSCOG missionaries.

The McGrath Disillusionment

Dr. McGrath speaking with Dr. Dawkins (for another debate)

I was severely disappointed with Alistair McGrath in his debate with Richard Dawkins. Read on to see why…